August 6, 2006

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Endearing, persuasive letter from Eric

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Mercury News Timeline - through august 13

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Eric's Book Proposal (with bio and other info)

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Current Almanac (download, by Deirdre and Kirsti, archive coming)

Bridge to the Core (2005 annual, open access)

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Photo Gallery Homepage (open access). All the galleries you could ever want, unless you count the ones in the Eros section, which you can have if you want:

Chiron Homepage (open access)

Minor Planet Articles by Eric Francis (open access)

Astrology Secrets Revealed (complete archive by date)

Astrology Secrets Revealed (complete archive by topic)

Astrology Secrets Revealed (our homepage)

Parallel Worlds Chart Resource Resources (open access, the coolest)

Eros Area (extra galleries, discussion, audio, oracle, pass protected)
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Birthday Report Archive, 2005

PlanetWaves.FM (free audio updates) (news skimmed from Google and posted to this site, very handy, lots of extremely weird stuff comes up on the shovel)

Planet Waves Parenting (currently on hold, will be revived, great stuff here)

Psychsound, our civil rights and music blog by lawyer-rocker-Capricorn Steve Bergstein, who sometimes feels more like Stephen King...

Political Waves, our political blog, by news editor Judith Gayle. You can subscribe and get it by email. Or you can read it on the Web. Jude is my number one, ever, favorite political commentator, who shocks me at least once a day with what an amazing writer she is. Let her shock you.

Eric Francis blog (mirror edition, no daily photo. The number one ranked project in Google when you search astrology + blog)

Community Forum

Sphinx by Kirsti Melto (minor planet resources)

Natesh Reed, Vedic astrologer

Speaking of: Astrology Consultations. I am taking a well-needed break from doing astrology consultations for a while, but I have three friends I highly recommend: Natesh Reed, Deirdre Tanton and Paloma Todd. They are all creative, compassionate and original astrologers, and at the moment they are available without a waiting list. Paloma can be reached directly at her email address, -- and Deirdre and Natesh can be found at this link.