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Palm Coast, Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Dear Readers and Friends at Planet Waves,

You might wonder how our Astrology Department manages to work together, since they are located in all corners of the globe. They meet in a little place in the sky called the land of Instant Messenger. There, they send charts back and forth and talk to each other about the astrology of the moment and trends to come.

Recently, when they saw the chart for the Northern Solstice on June 21 2007, they called me with the idea of making a Solstice Report available to you, our dear friends and readers, for the contribution of $3.99 per PDF (that's an electronic file you can download and have forever) to contribute to the Planet Waves fundraising program. I thought it sounded ideal to share the important possibilities for all of us tuning into the Solstice, and at the same time raise money for our new subscriptions system, and other Planet Waves improvements.

Constructed from a chart cast for Amesbury England, the location of Stonehenge, the 2007 Northern Solstice report has something important to say at this important point in time when the Tropic of Cancer nods at the Sun. Click here to tune into raising the vibration of our planet and contribute to our Fundraising Campaign.

For those of you who have PayPal accounts, you may order here.

If you prefer to order by telephone, give me a call at 877-453-8265 within the U.S. or at 206-567-4455 from anywhere else in the world.

Thanks for tuning in.

Yours as ever,

Chelsea Bottinelli

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