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Dear Friend and Reader:

This letter is to clarify a couple of points about Small World Stories, since we are still getting inquiries. Apologies for the extra mailing to those not currently confused.

1. Small World Stories is separate from your regular subscription. It was published earlier today; a log and pass were sent out to those who subscribed to the area, which includes your annual horoscopes and many other materials. You can sign up here. Thank you to all those who have done so!

1A. If you are missing your SWS password and did subscribe, please email and be very clear what you need.

2. The Capricorn birthday report will be published Friday or Monday. For Capricorns who are used to having their birthdays subsumed by the holidays, thanks for your patience!

3. To everyone, thank you for enduring this bit of gear-changing here at Planet Waves. I am now going to visit the Grandmother Land and sit with some trees...I have barely stepped away from my desk for two months.

Catch you Friday with a regular edition of Planet Waves Astrology News.

Yours & truly,

Eric Francis

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