Palm Coast, FL
January 16, 2008

Special Offer for First Time Subscribers

Dear Small World Stories Subscriber:

Thank you for your recent purchase of Small World Stories. Last week, Eric mentioned that we would have a special offer for first-time subscribers to our weekly news and astrology service, Planet Waves Astrology News. (Already a subscriber or former subscriber? Click here and see PS below.)

Eric Francis
Photo by Dani Voirin.
This is our twice-weekly astrology and news service. Depended on by readers worldwide for more than five years, Astrology News gives you more than information: it offers perspective.

Reporting on current astrology and world events, Eric provides an exciting, spiritually grounded look at the news, his renowned weekly horoscopes, and monthly birthday reports. You also get two different monthly horoscopes. Planet Waves Astrology News is delivered to your inbox each Tuesday and Friday morning; you get Web access to the same content; plus more than five years of article and horoscope archives. You get new astrology constantly, plus an impressive body of our past work.

Frequently in his articles and essays, Eric takes a distinctly personal look at the astrology, investigating our complex emotional and mental lives; our relationships; sexuality; and spiritual growth. We are sure you cannot get astrology writing like this anyplace else.

If you're a first time subscriber to Planet Waves Astrology News, we would like offer you nine months for the price of six. That is, sign up for six months, and you'll get three extra months (a $29.95 value, as our gift). Once you sign up, email us and we will reply letting you know that your extra three months have been added.

You'll read about where world events meet astrology in a truly intriguing way. For example, what does astrology have to say about the delicate state of world politics? What was the impact of the alignment of Pluto and the Galactic Core? What about the ongoing Mars retrograde?

Eric's horoscopes are considered by many to be the most insightful, spiritually solid work in the business. So if you've never subscribed to Planet Waves Astrology News, this is a great time to check it out, with our offer of nine months for a six month subscription. (You'll also get full access to our archive of back issues -- five years of articles and horoscopes! And you get access to the Divination Oracle, an amazing, unique tool for available to our subscribers.)

Your purchase is fully guaranteed, which means if you're not perfectly satisfied, we'll give you a full refund. So it's a no-risk situation -- but we're sure you'll love Planet Waves Astrology News.

Here is the link to sign up today. Remember to email us once you've signed up to claim your extra three months!

Eric looks forward to being your astrologer, and thank you for your business.

Very truly yours,

Chelsea Bottinelli

PS, if you are returning subscriber (that is, a 'former subscriber') you may also take advantage of this offer. We would love to have you back on our weekly mailing list. And if you would like to renew early, you can do so as well and get the extra three months. This is only for those who purchased Small World Stories!