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Kingston, NY, Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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A thank you note
Hello Planet Waves Reader:*

I want to thank you for your stunning response, and continued response, to yesterday's reader question. I've read nearly every reply personally and will read them all a few times. We're going through your replies carefully, sifting them for the mysterious information we're looking for: what actually motivates our readers to sign up and stay involved.

Planet Waves
Speaking from a personal space, I read many responses today that are deeply touching: from readers who described their appreciation and gratitude, and said they had been reading for 10 or more years, who depended on my writing through rough spots in their lives, who come seeking a sane interpretation of world events, who appreciate our introspective approach to life and who collect their pennies to stay subscribers.

Here is something I learned from you. I often say that we're inventing a new genre of journalism at Planet Waves, one that strives to integrate the human experience into what we think of as 'the news'. You have basically proven to me we're succeeding in opening up a space where it's safe to connect with the big world and interpret events in a way that participates in progress rather than just spreading fear. I love that people are figuring out that we're a warm spot on a vast and often chilly Internet. When I hear my horoscopes described by nearly everyone as contemplative rather than predictive, I feel like I'm on-purpose as an astrologer.

Thank you for your widespread endorsement of our growth and prosperity. We're making a wholesome go of it despite the challenging, indeed, deeply trying times many of us are facing. I know that many of my readers are people who refuse to get caught up in 'the times' and continue to create your lives consciously, as ever -- or strive to do so.

We've been on the Net since 1998 -- though we're still the kind of company where most of us work from our kitchen tables.  My goal is to make Planet Waves into a company that has its offices in a big farmhouse with a meeting room and workshop space away from office parks and glass towers. One that provides good jobs to talented artists, writers and programmers with a fireplace and industrial-strength Internet connection. But more to the point, I have a vision for how we need to work with the personal impact of world events, using astrology as a growth tool. I know we can do it, we're well on the way, and I am grateful for your continued blessing and support.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis
* Various spam catchers block email including a salutation with 'member', 'subscriber', and 'friend', so I am looking for a new greeting for my letter-style presentation. Your suggestions are welcome.

PS, My weekly audio feature will be posted to our main blog by about 10 am ET.

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