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Think Big
By Judith Gayle | Political Waves

WITH JUPITER, the big guy (enormous, actually) traditionally known as the "guru," making tracks for a hook-up with Pluto, transmutational Lord of the Underworld, you've just got to sit back and wonder what's coming next, don't you?

The vast and gaseous cosmic teacher is preparing to visit the great unknown, the shadowy unformed, the icy vistas and fiery passions, the dark tunnels of consciousness. Boggles the mind.

I'm comforted that all this will happen in Sagittarius, against the backdrop of the Galactic Core, but frankly, I can't tell you why. I'd expect you don't consider that helpful information, but as a Sagittarian myself, I've learned how to follow my intuition. If that sounds full of itself, well...the internal compass of a Sag is set to Jupiter's pulse. The music you hear is bigger, the possibilities brighter. When your ruling planet is known as The Greater Benefic, you just know there's going to be a pony in the horseshit, somewhere, and you usually find one.

Sag is the third of the fire signs and the most laid-back, although that's not exactly an apt description for any of those born under fire. Sag's aren't driven types, although they sizzle with enthusiasm for whatever strikes their fancy, and just about everything does.

If Sag was a toy, it would be that happy-faced clown that explodes out of the box on the last notes of "pop goes the weasel." When I think Sag, I see a blue sky dotted with rainbow-colored hot-air balloons -- I remember Luke Skywalker swinging Princess Leia across the precipice in the Death Star. I think of the Reverend Jim on Cheers, I think of Pollyanna and her tedious but profound "glad game," I think of saffron-robed monks with begging bowls, I visualize a row of archers on a green lawn, aiming at targets on haystacks. Robin Hood must have been a Sagittarius -- or whoever wrote the screenplay for the '30s movie, anyway.

Alright, fine -- they're a little wonky, a tad egocentric, more than a bit "out there." Most Sag's I know insisted that they were adopted as children until birth certificates and baby pictures had been offered up by puzzled parents; even then, they weren't convinced. They all think they are from somewhere else. They have a tendency to blurt whatever's on their mind, forget appointments, leave behind belongings and suffer disasters with a shrug, whistling.

They're the puppy that snags your stockings, the friend that tells you your mate is cheating on you because it's "fair" that you know. They aren't quite at home on this planet, not quite as bothered by the bustle of the world, and not nearly as ambitious as their neighbors. More, they have an innate sense of the big picture -- they just don't sing the 3D song the same way everybody else does...not so lost in it, perhaps.

The journey is deeply personal with Sagittarian energy, an ongoing evolution that simply steps up to meet us, each new day giving us potent lessons and new opportunities, none the entire picture but all a valuable piece of the puzzle. And isn't that a fine energy in which to break the last of the old paradigm?

While the usual amount of mishaps and political horrors continue day by day, there's a sense of optimism at the moment, and that will continue through mid-December; it's a gift from Jupiter. Some might warn against trusting such a feeling, but I wouldn't be one of them. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler, the philosopher -- and the journey we're taking is deep and wide, blazing a path toward a brighter future, a broader understanding, a better day. When the ruler of the 9th house meets the gatekeeper of the 8th in the great hollow of the Galactic Core, density must begin to wobble and mysteries unravel.

The channelers are buzzing about astrology, about the current energy shifts, the possibilities ahead. We have a last few weeks before Capricorn sweeps us away and begins a reconstruction of all that's fallen apart since Pluto entered Sag in the early '90s. Saturn's influence, I think, will not be so exciting or entertaining as Jupiter's has been; but it's the required next step. Everything's about to get very serious and practical -- but not quite yet.

For the next few weeks, the near-mythical influence of Jupiter/Pluto in the influential sector of Sagittarius can offer us opportunities of a lifetime. Take time to breathe, to meditate, to listen to music that moves you. Life has gotten increasingly busy, the holidays asking for even more activity -- but we always have a choice to take things more lightly, and we need to emulate that easygoing energy this season.

Create some time daily to let go of negativity and focus on what makes you happy. Try laying aside judgment for a few weeks...days...hours...and just observe life, yourself, those around you. Don't personalize -- shrug off slights and thoughtlessness simply because they don't meet your new vibration, aren't worth the effort. Offer a smile and a wink, a compliment or an encouragement to everyone you meet -- do it because you intuit that they need it; your own needs will be met if you give away what you want. See if you don't find that some of the heaviness around your heart lifts, that you sleep a little better and smile a little more.

If the last degrees of any sun signature are more potent than the first, and that seems likely as the final decanate of any sign is the spiritual portion, then these last degrees of Sagittarius should lend us confidence and vision that sees into the future with an altruism that will find its true home in the Aquarian Age.

Mature Sagittarians are the teachers and guides who move through our lives and deposit profound ideas that lift us up and put us on a higher path -- meeting and sharing is their mutable process, then they move on to the next person, place or thing. Gifts of understanding are at hand, and confrontations as well.

Don't be surprised if religious institutions make the news and hostility breaks out among the various sects and clergy -- it's what happens when density begins to break, when those who insist they are "right" refuse to budge from their notions. The old patriarchal belief systems are fighting a losing battle. Those who fear change are desperate to keep their power base, yet the new thing we all yearn for cannot be born if we're trying to give mouth-to-mouth to that old, tired thing.

Jupiter and Pluto are reminding us why religious systems don't work any more -- they're asking us to let go of what was, and welcome in compassion and tolerance, cooperation and respect. They're prompting us to dream bigger dreams of what life can be, entertain bigger possibilities, enter into the abundance of a full heart and spirit. Inviting us to leap. Inviting us to love.

That's the tone of the energy we can expect in these next days -- at minimum, be looking for some light bulbs above your head, some sudden clarifications, healings, blessings. Pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings; that's where you'll find all you need to know, waiting for you to catch up; that's where you'll find the enlightenment you seek. It's an uneasy passage we're in, so lets take a little of Jupiter's confidence as our own, at least for the moment. Oh -- and don't forget the pony. You know it's out there; keep looking.

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