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We've recently redone the Member's Area. This is a password protected web area that contains all the stuff sent to the Astrology news list. Your login identity is reader and your password is stars.

The Friday edition may be posted there as early as Thursday night (though it may be revised by Friday morning). The latest version is always kept in the Member's Area. Use this link to get there.

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-- Horoscope Archive and Oracle. This database, available only to subscribers, includes more than 10,000 Planet Waves horoscopes dating back to 1999. You can search by topic -- or use the Oracle function, ask a question and draw one at random. To access this area, use your regular Astrology News log and pass, as given above.

-- Daily Photo Page edited by Danielle Voirin. This is a daily photo from somewhere in the world, plus more than four years of photo archives.

-- Lunations by Kirsti Melto is a technical astrology web log that looks at New Moons and Full Moons, focusing on the minor planets.

-- Political Waves by Judith Gayle. Every day, Jude scans the news and posts the most relevant articles, adding commentary with her unique political spin based on A Course in Miracles.

-- PlanetWaves.info is an automated news feed that searches the Internet for articles of interest especially for Planet Waves readers. It uses keywords to pick up articles on astrology, astronomy, sexuality, spiritual issues, the environment and other subjects that we guess you might like to read about.

-- Psychsound by Steve Bergstein. This is our little known civil rights web blog. An astrology website with a civil rights column? Yes, this is Planet Waves. Steve is a civil rights attorney who practices in the federal courts. He knows what he's talking about. If you are interested in the state of the Constitution, check out this feature, updated one to three times weekly.

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