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New York, Friday, Feb. 23, 2007

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EACH WEEK we provide a permanent URL of the edition of Planet Waves you receive in the mail. It's the same page that's on the subscriber homepage, but it's available without a password. This link does not change; some sites refer to it as a "permalink" or "backtrack." In instances when an article is revised after publication, this page always has the latest update of the article (matching the subscriber homepage). Anyway, the purpose of the link is:
- Sharing the current edition with friends. This avoids your having to forward the page you get in your email. Click the link, open the page and cut and past the URL into the email you wish to send.
- Blogging. Sometimes bloggers post links to other articles, so if you have a blog or know a blogger who might be interested, this is the one to use.
- Posting to your homepage. You may post this link to your homepage.
You don't need to ask us consent to do this -- that is the purpose of the link. We encourage distribution of the current issue because someone might want to read it, and because it brings hits and subscription sales back to Planet Waves. We reserve all rights to our work, and all rights in general.

- the Planet Waves Editors

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