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Planet Waves is committed to an open-minded discussion of sexuality that encourages an airing of all viewpoints -- particularly the ones you don't hear from so often. We have created this Sexuality Resource Area to facilitate that discussion. You will see a wide diversity of projects presented here. Some of the projects are suitable for children and others are not -- if you are a parent, you will need to decide. The editors of this section, Paloma Todd and Mandy Hall, have checked the links to ensure that their position is basically humane, affirmative and free-thinking, though many are coming from a distinct viewpoint; please consider that when you're reading. We are truly interested in your response to what you read. Please send your comments to You may also suggest new resources, including your own, by email or using the form on this page. All links on this page are offered free of charge. Thank you kindly. -- Eric Francis


General Sexuality

Society for Human Sexuality

Wikipedia on Sexuality

Yahoo's Sexuality Directory

Comes Naturally: David Steinberg Archives

A Guide to Sex Toys

Look back for "where to purchase sex toys online"!


Abstinence Only Sex Indoctrination

Of Senators, The Pubes &
Victoria Woodhull's Dharma Heirs


Alternative Sexuality

Tantra: A resource for Tantric sex.

New Visions Center



Conversio Virium: Columbia University's student BDSM discussion organisation.

National Leather Association - International


Bondage Web

caryl's BDSM Page



GLAAD: Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Disinformation.

Bi Tribune: Bisexual news, events and culture.

Bi Men Network : 'A free worldwide social and support organization for bisexual men, bi-curious males, gay men, and bi couples.'

Bisexual Resource Center The official site of the Bisexual Foundation.

BABN: Bay Area Bisexual Network.

Bi Zone : 'A member-based organization created to foster a visible community for bisexual, bi-curious, bi-friendly people, their partners, and allies.'


BiSquish: Daily Bisexual news and events.

PFLAG: Parents, Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

Planet Out


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force


Pregnancy Prevention

Birth Control : Wiki entry on birth control.

Planned Parenthood

Ultimate Birth Control : A compendium of links to information about various methods of birth control.


Bug Chasers : Men who long to be HIV +


Wikipedia on Masturbation

Wikipedia on Autoeroticism - highly recommended (free)

Beautiful Agony - highly recommended (free/pay)

Yanks - highly recommended (pay)

Club Stroke

Betty Dodson - Masturbation for Women (free)

Advanced Masturbation for Men (free)

Eric Francis Archive (free)

Masturbation as the Future of Sex
From the Journal of Bisexuality by Eric Francis

How to Dance by Giovan


Other Stuff by Eric

Cunnilingus and Clover

Gender Fear Thread (co-written with readers)

Is This About You?

Options to Romance: A Short Dictionary by Eric



Sexuality Forum



Loving More Magazine : Website of the print magazine. Also contains a chat room (registration required) and a subscriber area.

Society for Human Sexuality : Extensive site covering varied subjects.

Polyamory: Subsection of the Alternatives to Marriage Project. Offers a brief definition and links and information on other Polyamory resources.

The Polyamory Society: The society's website focuses solely on the subject of Polyamory and seeks to educate and support the lifestyle.

Polyamory? What? Why? How?: Informative site that seeks to answer common and not so common questions about the lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monogamy: A FAQ section from the Institute for 21st Century Relationshipsfocusing on Monogamy and its history within Western culture.

alt.polyamory: Homepage for the Usenet newsgroup.

Love Without Limits: Homepage for the Sacred Space Institute.

World Polyamory Association: Homepage for the World Polyamory Association.

Working With Polyamorous Clients in the Clinical Setting: (2002) Outline of a talk given in 2002 by Dr Joy Davidson.

The Wet Spot : The online presence of the Seattle Sex Positive Community Center.


Family Support

Creating intentional family within intentional community

Kink Aware Professionals: 'The resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, and legal professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.'

Poly Aware Professionals : 'Poly-friendly professionals is a list of professionals who have been referred here, or who have identified themselves as being, open-minded about polyamory and polyamorous issues.'

Polyamorist Political Action Committee: 'The Polyamory Lobby is an ongoing program of outreach and education to share its knowledge, technical assistance and strategies with the Polyamorist Political Action Committee, the Polyamory community and grassroots PolyActivist in promoting Polyamorous relationships and families.'

The Polyamory Community Family and Friends Alliance : 'The Polyamory Community Family and Friends Alliance was founded to provide a positive bridge of support and education between friends and relatives of Polyamorists and the Polyamory Community.'

Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, INC: 'We believe that parents should not lose custody of their children just because of the parents' lifestyle or variety of sexual expression. We believe that people should not face criminal prosecution for consensual sexual expression among adults. We believe that the government should not interfere with consensual sexual expression among adults.'

Human Potential Center: 'The Human Potential Center is a nonprofit Fitness Center for the Mind and Heart. They offer programs designed to tap the creativity, the love and the playfulness of the human spirit.'



Alaska Polyamory: A Yahoo Group specifically for Alaskan polyamorists.

Bay Area Polyamory : Yahoo Group.

Ohio Valley Polyamory Network: 'The Ohio Valley Polyamory Network is an out reach web site looking to find and gather people in the Ohio Valley region involved or sincerely interested in polyamory.'

Poly Boston:The home page of the Poly Boston Community and associated mailing list.

Seattle Poly Potluck Group: A discussion and support group for all adult individuals who are interested in or currently practice polyamory. Site contains links to other groups.

South Bay Polys: A discussion and support group in the San Jose area.

Star's Polyamory Page: Created by an individual, contains useful links to various Poly organizations in the United States.

Three Rivers Polyamory Network: A support and discussion group for the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

TriState Poly: A support and discussion group for the New Jersey-New York- Connecticut area.

Vancouver Canada Polyamory Support/ Discussion Group :Introductory page to the group complete with instructions on how to join the associated Yahoo Group.

Western Mass Polyamory Resource Group: A support and co-ordination network for Polyamorous individuals in the Western Massachusetts area.



Polyamory: by Deborah M. Anapol.

Top 5 Books about Polyamory: From

Polyamory - Book list : Books on Polyamory and Non-monogamous Relationships.

H.a.R.P Amazon Store

Polyamory Related Books

Eros Denied by Wayland Young (link to

The Joy of Sex edited by Alex Comfort. Look also for related books in this series on gay and lesbian sex (link to

More Joy of Sex edited by Alex Comfort (link to

The Hite Report: A National Study of Female Sexuality by Shere Hite (link to

The Hite Report on the Family: Growing Up Under Patriarchy by Shere Hite (link to

The Hite Report on the Family: Eroticism and Power Between Parents and Children by Shere Hite (link to

My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday (link to

Sex for One by Betty Dodson, as well as videos by Betty. 



Polyamory - movie list : Filmography compiled by Howard A. Landman.



Poly Matchmaker



San Francisco Sex Information

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