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This page is intended as a resource for those investigating matters surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 incidents, and other related events and developments. It's based on a growing collection of bookmarks being circulated within a group of individuals. Inclusion of a link here doesn't necessarily constitute an endorsement, or reflect on the quality or accuracy of specific information or commentary included on the referenced site, but only its potential merit, even as a lead to other information. In many of the areas of discussion surrounding the events of Sept. 11, the only people who know the truth of what happened are the individuals involved with the setting up and carrying out of the crimes -- whatever and whoever these may turn out to have been. Therefore, all materials here maybe considered speculative. But as Thoreau said, "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, such as when you find a trout in the milk.

project coordinator, Mandy Hall
editor, Eric Francis

To introduce the subject, here is a link to the Wikipedia summary of the conventional view on the attacks. And here is a link to the Wikipedia conspiracy viewpoint.

Official Sites

Home page of the 9/11 Commission

Complete 9/11 Commission Report : Released July 22 2004 Download the complete report or individual chapters as PDF or HTML documents from this page.

9/11 Public Discourse Project : The final report and report cards can be downloaded from this site as PDF documents.  Also contains press documents and a letter of rebuttal regarding 'Able Danger'.

NIST Investigations into the collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings : Link to the index of documents available regarding the collapse from the NIST website.

Final reports of the Federal Building and Fire Investigation into the World Trade Center Disaster  : Released October 2005 

FEMA: World Trade Center Building Performance Study : The study is available to download as a set of PDF documents.

Identifying Misinformation: State Department site which comments on and seeks to debunk various stories that it classes as misinformation.  Also tells the reader how they can tell what is disinformation and what is not. 


Complete 9/11 Timeline : Home page for the Center for Co-operative Research's 9/11 Timelines. The project is based on the Wiki concept.

Timeline for September 11th : CCR timeline of the 'day'.

Flight  AA11  : CCR timeline for Flight 11.

Flight UA175 : CCR timeline for Flight 175.

Flight  AA77 : CCR timeline for Flight 77.

Flight UA93 :  CCR timeline for Flight 93.

September 11th : Timeline from Infoplease.

September 11th Map: A map showing the location of the incidents from Infoplease.

9/11 Timeline: Billed as the most complete timeline on the net. Color coded for the individual events. Contains an extensive commentary and numerous links within the text.

Killtown's Charts : Extensive resource. Not only does it cover the flight timelines, listed side by side for easy reference, it has haunting details on the phone calls made from the planes, details of the military bases the planes flew over  and finally airline statistics regarding the planes.

Timeline from the BBC : Contains links to video and audio reports made that day. Including one from Stephen Evans, a BBC reporter, who was actually in the lobby of the North Tower when the first plane hit.  Coverage concentrates on the events in New York.

"Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do" : Compiled by Michael Ruppert. Timeline of the events and people surrounding 9/11 rather than the day itself. Sourced back to original documentation when possible. Last updated in July 2002.

Web Resources

The first group of links refer to the more general index or home pages of 9-11 sites. More specific links to each incident and other related topics are posted underneath. The front page of the sites give a general flavor of what the site is about and in many cases carry links to updated information or commentary. 

Home Pages  |  AA Flight 77  |  AA Flight 11  |  UA Flight 175  |  UA Flight 93

Home Pages

Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission: The website for the Family Steering Committee created by some family members of those who died on 9/11. No further updates as of February 2005.

Deception Dollar : Website for a community whose mission is to uncover the truth about 9-11.

9/11 Research :  Site that seeks to question official story. Also debunks some of the more marginal theories.

9/11 Review:  A resource for understanding the attacks.  Companion to 9/11 Research.

9-11 Visibility Project: The goal of this site is to support those who continue to search for the truth.

Killtown's Questioning the 9/11 attacks: Extensive site - of particular note is the Coincidences and Oddities page also Killtown's 150 Smoking Guns.

Killtown: Geocities version of the Killtown site.

Total 9/11 Info: Recently updated site, carries the 'No Plane at the Pentagon' report by CNN (see below).

Web Fairy 911 Memorial :  Extensive site featuring  the film of the day rather than the actual events themselves - the site's owners prefer to let the camera speak for themselves. 

Just a Citizen:  Web site of Sibel Edmonds, FBI  9/11 Whistleblower. All of her potential testimony and statements have been declared a state secret. 

September 11th and The New World We Live In : Articles concerning 9/11 and the world it produced. All published under the From the Wilderness Banner.

Memory Hole : 9/11 section of the Memory Hole site. This page has links to numerous media and FOIA sourced material (some are directly linked below) 

AA Flight 77 (Pentagon)

Pentagon Research: This site focuses solely on Flight 77 and the attack on the Pentagon.

Flight 77 Info:  Site largely about the campaign to get the FBI to release the video frames from around the Pentagon under the FOIA.

Computer Simulation of the Plane hitting the Pentagon: Study from  Purdue University released on 10 September 2002 showing a computer simulation of the plane hitting the Pentagon.  Images have to be downloaded separately. 

No Arabs on Flight 77 Pt 1: (2003) Commentary written about the Autopsy list which does not mention any Arabic names and apparently does not correlate with the list given by American Airlines (linked from below).

No Arabs of Flight 77 Pt 2: (2003) Part two of the article - this time focusing on the passengers and their occupations. 

Flight 77's Unusual Passengers :  Detailed analysis of the backgrounds and biographies of the crew and passengers of Flight 77 from the Killtown site.

Were it so : (2002) Discussion of the evidence  by Eric Francis.

Mother of all Lies about 9/11:  A deconstruction of the phone call from Barbara Olson to Theodore Olson from Flight 77 on 9/11.

Coalition on Political Assassination Conference 2002 :  Scroll down the page to the section concerning Tracy Carter. Despite the initial error of saying that it was Flight 93 that went into the Pentagon, there is a very interesting audio (.ram) presentation concerning Flight 77, a phone call from one of the stewardesses - also confirmed elsewhere and a close encounter with one of the hijackers on a previous flight.

No Plane hit the Pentagon :  A portion and transcript of a CNN report on 9/11 archived by the Web Fairy  (see above). Link is to a page on Total 9/11 info .

Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11: An analysis of the evidence related to events at the Pentagon. A discussion thread on Above Top Secret - see Discussion Forums below. The thread now runs to more than 125 pages.

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11 and Neither Did a Boeing 757 : Direct rebuttal of above ATS article. 

Pentagon Strike : Home page of downloadable or streaming flash presentation. Choice of language / download method available. 

Comments on the Pentagon Strike : A long article on the inconsistencies of the Pentagon event.

Odd connections to Pentagon : Some of the stranger stories connected to the Pentagon events

Barbara Olson arrested in Europe: (September 2005) A story carried by Tom Initially contained some fundamental errors (now corrected). Report referred to on other sites but not independently corroborated anywhere else to this writer's knowledge.

AA Flight 11 (North Tower)

The Last Moments of Flight 11 (BBC) : Early (21 September 2001) BBC report about the conversation Flight Attendant Amy Sweeney had with ground staff in Boston. Based on the FBI transcript.

WTC Survivor describes hearing multiple explosions : Eye witness account of a survivor from the North Tower.

UA Flight 175 (South Tower)
UA Flight 93 (Pennsylvania)

Recording of Flight 93 brief contact with Cleveland Air Traffic Control : (windows media format) Obtained by Memory Hole from another website NOT from FAA. 

Proof of 9/11 lies by Government and Media : Discussion of changing stories in the media regarding the events of 9/11 from What Really Happened.

'Fighting Knife' found in Flight 93 Wreckage : (World Net Daily) March 2002. 

Was United Flight 93 shot down on Sept 11? : (World Net Daily) January 2003.

Downing of Flight 93 : (source World Net Daily) April 2004. Article discussing the possibility that the aircraft was in fact shot down.

Rumsfeld says 'Flight 93 was shot down' : (source World Net Daily) Dec 2004. Report of a visit to Iraq where Rumsfeld referred to the flight being shot down. BBC and CNN reports of visit do not report these remarks.

Passenger and Crew Manifests

Some of these links indicate where they source their information from, others don't. Most do not list the names of those accused of the hijacking

Manifests for all four four flights from Vialls investigations: No sources named for this passenger list

CNN Passenger lists: Main page allowing access to the list for all the flights, and the dead on the ground. Compiled by CNN as follows:' While the official number of those missing and dead will inevitably rise over the next few weeks, authorities from American Airlines, United Airlines, the Department of Defense, the New York City Medical Examiners Office and the New York City Fire Department, have released partial lists.'            

AA Flight 77 Crew and Passenger List (CNN)

AA Flight 11 Crew and Passenger List (CNN)

UA Flight 175 Crew and Passenger List (CNN)

UA Flight 93 Crew and Passenger List (CNN)

On the Ground

Pentagon (CNN)

World Trade Center (CNN)

Astrology of 9/11

Chart of September 11, 2001:  Based on the time Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower, 8.46 am.

Mercury Also Rises:  Analysis by Eric Francis. Revised Oct 12 2001

Sep 11, 2001 Chart Revisited : (September 2003) Analysis by Eric Francis. 

September 11, 1984 :  Analysis by Eric Francis.

The One that we All Missed: September 11 2001:  Eric Francis.

Miscellaneous Oddities

2004 - New Technology brings Cell Phone use in the air a step closer: Weren't cell phones used on 9/11 from the planes?

Out of the Woods: commentary on the reports that James Woods reported suspicious men on a flight from Logan Airport to LA a month before 9/11.

Partial Transcript of James Woods Interview with Bill O'Reilly :  Interview took place Feb 14, 2002. Transcript linked to here is at Prison Planet.

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? :  Draft of an academic paper by Professor Steven Jones, Brigham Young University. Professor Jones's area of expertise is Physics.

'9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center Attacks Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI' : (Dec 20th 2005) Article by Dave Lindorff about the 'missing' black boxes from Flights 11 and Flight 175. 

NYC Firefighters discussing collapse of Towers :  A short video of NY Firefighters discussing  the collapse of  the towers. Undated and no source identified.

Did Rice warn Brown? : A story from Rense concerning a warning that Willie Brown apparently received about not flying cross country in the week of 9/11.

Rumsfeld admits being warned : An interview carried out in October 2001 by Lyric Wallwork Winik for Parade Magazine. Transcript also available at the Defense Department.

The Secret World of Jack Abramoff : (June 21, 2005) An article concerning Jack Abramoff, SunCruz Casinos and a possible sighting of Mohammed Atta just prior to 9/11.

Media Sources

The following links are for audio and video files that we are unable to directly link to. They either require registration and / or download files (for instance BiTTorrent files). 

Loose Change:  60 minute documentary regarding 9/11. Requires registration (free). Film is available to view free. 

911 Official Eyewitness Documentary:  (BiTTorrent site) by Rick Seigel. The film is in avi format and you must use a BiTTorrent client to download the file.

Net  A site containing an impressive number of videos concerning 9/11 and other topics. 

Dutch TV Documentary on 9/11:  (Real Player required) Michael Meacher MP and Andreas Von Bulow take part in this documentary. (Free)

Complete WTC Firefighters Tape from 9/11 : Complete recording of firefighter's communications (approx 8.45 am to 9.58 pm) released by the Port Authority of New York. Available from Memory Hole in wma or mp3 format.

All Available NY Fire Despatch Tapes From 9/11 : Obtained by Memory Hole under the FOIA. See link for details of available download formats (21 Audio Cds worth).

9/11 Transcripts and Police reports from 9/11 : Obtained by Memory Hole under the FOIA. Numerous PDF files available for download.

What Bush was doing on 9/11 : What George Bush did on the morning of 9/11. Five minute video available to download.

Post 9/11 News Stories

Articles and features from mainstream media sources

Union: 9/11 cleanup killed retired detective : (CNN) 1/7/06 James Zadroga is the first emergency responder to die of a respiratory disease related to the cleanup operation at Ground Zero.

Discussion Forums

Above Top Secret 9/11 and 7/7 Discussion Forum:  Part of the extensive Above Top Secret site.  Membership (free) is not required to view threads but is required for posting.

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