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Kingston, NY, Monday, April 21, 2008

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Be resolutely what you are....

Heyo Internet Dweller or Visitor,

I once got a Chinese fortune that said, “Be resolutely what you are. Be humbly what you aspire to be.” I am resolutely a storyteller of astrology: not in what's called the pier tradition of fortune telling (for example, done at the end of a pier along the beach, though it was such an astrologer who drew me into the work); not in the scientific practice of astrology and not in the karmic sense. I am more in the tradition of the people who made up the early myths than their much later interpreters. These new stories are rooted in tradition and set in a modern context. This, as we stand here at the threshold of an extremely uncertain time, or one where we discover that whatever certainty we were feeling no longer holds atoms.

Eric Francis
Here is what I humbly aspire to do: open the doors to what is considered journalism on a cultural level, so that we can take an integrated approach to covering the news and therefore use journalism as a mirror of existence — and as a way into the matrix; a way to participate.

I'll take a moment of your time with some ideas about this. Most publications, columns, blogs and websites take on one subject. Generally, they specialize, even if such pertains to “the news” in a general sense. Nearly every one of these outlets bans discussion of most other aspects of life. The distortion is so pervasive we hardly notice it. Operating in this mode relieves nearly all writers and editors of the burden of context. The cosmic order, sexuality, art and even history are eliminated from nearly everything we consider news. In this environment, our minds and senses fragment because not only are the connections between things not made, they are specifically denied and concealed.

Planet Waves aspires to create a prototype news venue that allows the cosmos to speak. I am a seasoned journalist and experienced astrologer, and everyone who passes through our organization gets some training in how to integrate both of these crafts. We aspire to help open up consciousness for all of us to see ourselves and the world for what we are, to express our creative passions, and to listen when love whispers.

I recognize that the journey to freedom, maturity, sanity and adapting to the changes our society is going through all require resources, imagery, a sense of community and life-giving information, and that is what we humbly aspire to do at Planet Waves.

We admit and acknowledge the existence of the universe in every word and image we publish, and we venture what we do not just well, but beautifully. This is an a editorial model we feel reflects more accurately the content of your mind and the sensibilities of your heart. Moreover, we strive to be useful in everything we do. I have a grand earth trine in my chart, and while I am very Pisces, my plan is to feed your dreams, inner explorations and growth in a practical way.

Our work is supported by you. Not by advertisers: we are beholden only to what you need and what we feel we must do every day.

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I'm not going to assume this goes without saying: even for the bold and brave among us, even in the first weeks of springtime, this world can be a cold and lonely place sometimes. By the grace of Vesta, we strive to maintain a constant fire next to which those who visit here can warm our collective soul.

It's good to be with you on your journey, and to have you with me on mine.
Eric Francis
dreams - at - planetwaves.net.

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