It's not about sex. It's about Self
Kingston, Apr. 2, 2008

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April Update

Dear Friend and Reader:

My plan is to finish the horoscope promised with this series around Beltane (the first week of May). In truth, I went a bit deeper in the series of six than I was planning, and it's taken me some time to process the materials that emerged.

I've been exploring in some new ways, letting myself think things I would never dare before. From some of the mail I have received, it seems like a few other people are on this page. For those who wish to take this discussion into a collective format, I am opening up the Planet Waves discussion forum to subscribers to the Compersion series. The top category is the one we can colonize. I recognize these are topics that many people prefer not to talk about -- but that is the whole point.

In order to prevent spam, the board requires that you register with us before you participate. You are encouraged to use your real first name and last initial to participate.

Catch you soon. Enjoy the season.

 Eric Francis

PS, here is something in my daily series you might enjoy. It's a follow up to this article from Planet Waves.
PPS, in case you missed it, here is the Emotoscope, our parody horoscope for April Fool's Day.