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Whats behind the Spiral Door?
December 20, 2006
Sun Sagittarius, Moon Sagittarius

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A Letter to our Eros Members

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:
Thank you for generously supporting the growth of Planet Waves through your Gold Subscription.

Since shortly after creating the Eros Section, we've been working hard to redesign the entire Planet Waves website so that it's more user-friendly, addressing quite a few reader comments. These upgrades include a new system of navigating the site through tabs at the top of each page, and a complete redesign of the Planet Waves Weekly format. Your investment in our community has made recent improvements possible.

Tonight we're making two additions to the Eros area, an audio update on the Sagittarius New Moon, and more notably, a complete archive of Eric's sex writings dating back about eight years. We also have some new photo galleries in the works as well -- to be posted shortly.

If you are missing your keywords, please drop a note to me at, or to
In January, when the Spiral Door annual edition is finished, we will be reorganizing the premium areas of the website, giving them the attention they deserve, redesigning the navigation, and making other improvements.
We'd like to thank you for your patience over the past few months, so we're offering you a courtesy gift of two three-month subscriptions to Planet Waves Weekly, and two gift copies of the 2007 Almanac for your friends. Just send me an email with the names and email addresses of the people you would like to give gifts to and I'll set it up.
We are truly blessed to have you as a member of our community.

Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season,
Yours truly,

Chelsea Bottinelli
Business Manager,
Planet Waves, Inc.

PS: All Eros members will receive the password to The Spiral Door, once that project is complete around January 7. Please check your email.

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