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Friday Editions

December 28
Benazir Bhutto and the Nuclear Axis

December 21   
Aries Point Alert: The Sky is Heading for Capricorn

December 14   
Jupiter, Pluto & Signs of the Times

December 13   
Notes from Small Worlds

December 07   
Pluto, Jupiter, and the Galactic Core

November 30   
Through the Spiral Door - and Into Capricorn

November 23   
UAC Conference, Fool Moon and Horoscopes

November 15   
Mars Rex in Cancer: Get Over Thyself

November 08  
They Know They're Hot

November 01   
Scorpio de los Muertos & Mercury Station Direct

October 25   
Wake Up and Smell the Smoke

October 18   
William Pen and Ling Ling: Writer's Cats

October 11   
The Road to Nowhere

October 4   
Truth Be Bold: Mercury from Scorpio to Libra

September 27   
Working With Mercury Retrograde

September 21  
Libra Equinox – Sept. 23, 2007, 09:51 UT.

September 19   
Brief Astrology Note: Mutable The T Square

September 13  
Glimmers of Light

September 06   
Unveiling the Soul Inside the Form

August 30   
Very, Very Virgo

August 24   
Planet Waves Monthly - September 2007

August 23   
Pisces Total Lunar Eclipse

August 17   
Please Note Virgo Correction in Today's Edition

August 15  
Woodstock at 38: The Spirit, and the Charts

August 8   
Give Me Something Built to Last

August 2   
Hold the Bread on that Sandwich, Please

July 26   
Venus Retrograde: The Quest for Awareness

July 19  
Sexual Healing & the Fiery Edge of Virgo

July 13
An Unsealed Letter: Venus at Virgo's Fiery Edge

July 06
Which Way is Reality?

June 29
Skunk Medicine and the Cap Full Moon

June 22
After the Deluge

June 15
Spider Medicine and the Solstice Cluster

June 08
Inconvenient Reasoning

June 01
Taking a Moment

May 25
On Birds and Dreams

May 18
Growing Up

May 11
New Paltz May 10: There's Nothing You Can Do That Can't be Done

May 04
Such a Timeless Flight

April 27
Cho Seng-Hui: Broken Mirror

April 20
From Blacksburg to New Paltz

April 13
To All New Arrivals

April 06
Planet Waves News Notes

March 30
Simply Stated

March 23
Ceres Equinox

March 16
Thema Mundi: The Chart of the World

March 09
Greetings from Baltimore

March 02
The Gingerbread House

February 23
A Visit With Joe

February 16
Beautiful Agony & Barak Obama

February 09
A Large White Dove

February 02
Full Moon over Oceania

January 26
The STFU Address

January 19
Weekly Horoscope

January 12
The President's Speech (About Iran)

January 04
The Hanged Man


Monday Editions

December 31   
For Auld Lang Syne

December 25   
Monthly for January 2008

December 24  
Holiday Letter from Eric Francis

December 16   
Small World Stories: Frequently Asked Questions

December 10  
Inner Space for December 2007

December 3   
Sagittarius Update

November 26   
December Planet Waves Horoscope by Eric Francis

November 18   
Scorpio Birthdays & Other Announcements!

November 13   
Small World Stories Pre-order!

November 11  
Inner Space for November 2007

November 04   
Schedules, Small Worlds and Love from Chelsea

October 28   
Planet Waves Monthly - November 2007

October 21   
Mercury and the Sun: Libra and Scorpio

October 14  
Libra Birthdays Part Two: Focus on Career

October 7   
Inner Space - October 2007

September 30  
The Year of the Outgoing Introvert

September 23  
Planet Waves Monthly - October 2007

September 16  
Planet Waves Special Features

September 09   
Virgos on the Edge of Time

September 02   
Inner Space - September 2007

August 19   
A Matter of Conscience and Truth

August 12   
What Dioxin and Astrology Have in Common

August 05  
Inner Space and Dioxin Dorms

July 29   
Nothing Like the Sun :: Planet Waves Leo Birthdays :: By Eric Francis

July 23   
Seeking Astrologically Literate Proofreader | Announcement

July 22   
Monthly Horoscope for August 2007 by Eric Francis

July 16   
Sparking That Grid

July 09
Inner Space for July

July 02
Spicing Up Your Mercury Retrograde

June 25
Cunnilingus and Clover

June 18
Of Miracle Manor, Flo Higgins and Mercury Retrograde

June 11
World AIDS Day :Pass the 7-UP

June 04
Horoscopes: The Cosmic Voice of Reason

May 28
How to be Your Own Lover

May 14
End of Sign Monthly for Taurus

May 07
Lemonade for May

April 29
Inner Space for May

April 23
The May - Planet Waves for Taurus 2007

April 16
Aries New Moon, and the Radha-Eris Conjunction

April 09
Lemonade for April

April 02
Inner Space for April

March 26
Planet Waves for April

March 19
Flaunt for March

March 12
Lemonade for March

March 05
Inner Space for March

February 26
Planet Waves for March

February 19
Sixties Redux : Correction and Details

February 05
Flaunt for February

January 29
Planet Waves for February

January 15
In From the Wilderness

January 09
Decoroscope from Inner Space | Planet Waves for January

Special Editions

May 18
Taurus New Moon: Planet Waves

May 08
Eric speaking in new Paltz on Thursday

April 23
Monday Morning Newsletter

April 17
Special Report: New Paltz PCBs

February 14
Mercury Rx - and Teenagers

February 12
We Are Planet Waves

January 02
Server Outage Tuesday


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